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Heat treatment department

Maycast-Nokes’ Nadcap approved heat treatment department is equipped to perform a range of processes on a wide range of aluminium alloy castings.

All heat treatment processes can be tailored to the needs of a specific customer or part and are carried out by qualified technicians in accordance with AMS and British Standards.

The Maycast-Nokes heat treatment facility is available for independent sub-contract work.

Our heat treatment facilities include:

2 x Solution ovens
Working capacity: 900 x 900 x 600
Weight: up to 140 kg

4 x Precipitation ovens (3 x Class 2, 1 x Class 1)
Working capacity: Up to 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Weight: Up to 200 kg

All computer controlled, fully traceable and monitored by our Materials Laboratory.

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